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At August & March Home, we specialize in providing our customers with a wide selection of affordable home decor and accessories. Since 2017, we’ve helped our customers add style and creativity to their homes. We take pride in our wide variety of top-quality, affordable products.


Our knowledgeable staff is experienced in finding the perfect items to inspire our customers. We promise something for every taste and style. And our prices can’t be beat, so come check out our selection!



Laureen, proprietor and creative visionary of August & March Home was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. After a year and a half of surgery, chemotherapy and the rigorous healing process she beat it with laughter, the love of her family and her own tremendous strength. 

She realized then, even more, how precious and fragile life can truly be and decided to leave the life of corporate work and finally pursue her life long dream of owning her own store. 

Through the ongoing journey of owning a small business, she thought of what she wanted the August & March Home brand to stand for. While she was still healing she never lost sight of who she was as a person and got a tattoo of her favorite flowers (peonies) with a small bee. Instead of the traditional yellow color of a bee, she had the artist color it pink to remind her that she was in fact, a breast cancer survivor. 

But the Pink Bee story is not just a symbol of survival and hope, but also a reminder to everyone to always- Bee You, Bee Strong, Bee what your heart desires.

We are here to help make your home beautiful, but we hope you feel at home with us too. 



Dedicated. Creative. Professional.


Proprietor & Interior Design Goddess


Social Marketing & Brand Communications


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